Solid wood poster bed
Reclaimed wood dining table and chairs
Distressed wood grains wire brushed teak bed and bedside
Reclaimed wood dresser 6 drawers
Opium tv stand teak solid wood

Wood furniture

Solid wood is the most durable wood furniture compared to other wood furniture types, solid wood furniture piece is highly reluctant to decay and can last for decades. In the 18th and 19th century, solid wood furniture designs tend to be beautiful and admirable, decorated with elaborate carvings. Whereas in the late 19th and early 20th century, the popularity of contemporary furniture and ecodesign increasing every year. Certain wood furniture design brings particular feeling into the room, one thing in common it brings quality decor to your home.

Our advantage is the ability to manufacture wood furniture using harvested wood from Indonesian state owned timber plantation in Java island. This is to provide possible maximum quality of wood furniture, and avoid problems that often occur such as warped, cracked, and moldy. The quality of the plantation harvested wood is assured because the timber was planted and treated in order to be used in wood furniture industry. The timber is treated to ensure it grows straight, the branches is cuts before it grows to avoid any dead knots in the wood.

Sustainable timber plantation in Indonesia

Sustainable wood

Java island is the main source of sustainable wood in Indonesia. On the island Perum Perhutani, Indonesia state forest enterprise, responsible for managing 0.5 million hectares of protected forests and approximately 2 million hectares of production forest. 1.8 million hectares of production forests are plantations which are: 0.6 million hectares of teak plantations, 0.2 million hectares of pine plantations, and the rest is mahogany and other timber plantations. Several family-owned timber plantation in Java have become the large sources of sustainable timber by achieving the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Louis XV Vitrine 2 glass door black color

Louis XV Vitrine 2D

Classic vitrine Louis XV period handmade of mahogany solid wood. Plain and simple top, profile edges, overhanging about 1 inch. Rounded front corner highlighted with bead edges, beveled panels left and right sides. 2 glass doors, profiled edge frames, and 3 wooden shelves inside. Cabriole legs continued to the bottom aprons that curved to match the legs shape, a small flower carving at the center. Whorl feet decorated with scroll and laves carving.

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Victorian bed mahogany wood full view

Victorian bed frame mahogany wood

The Victorian period bed frame known for its high headboard with elaborate carving decoration on the top. Plain headboard legs continued to the top of the headboard ended with a wooden turned finial decorations. Beveled panels headboard in curved shape framed with bead edges solid wood, the panels decorated with thin engraving on the corners. Half circle curved upward headboard top, profiled edges, and flower carving crest. Victorian carving style...

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Acanthus carving wall mirror full view

Acanthus carving portrait mirror

Classic elaborate caving frame mirror handcrafted of mahogany wood. Inspired by 14th century architectural ornament, the mirror carved with acanthus foliage four sides outside the mirror frame. The acanthus leaves carving are drilled and spread on the curved outer frame. Straight rectangular inner frame accented with flower carving. Outer frame continued from left and right sides to the cresting at the top. 3 mm thick plywood at the backside to hold...

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Teak solid wood cabinet 4 doors full view

Teak wood cabinet 4D

Modern and contemporary wardrobe cabinet 4 doors and 2 drawers middle. The piece is made of high grade plantation grown teak wood, kiln dried into proper moisture contents. Our skilled craftsmen built the cabinet using time tested furniture construction to allow the movement of the solid wood while extracting and contracting through seasons. Plain solid wood left and right sides using loose tongue joints, mitered joint corners. 2 simple doors accented...

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Teak bookshelf sliding doors full view

Teak wood bookshelf 2SD

Simple and plain bookshelf 4 rows 3 columns top, sliding doors compartment bottom. Handcrafted of plantation grown teak solid wood using time tested traditional construction and joinery. Floating panels construction at the left, right, and back sides to allow the movement of the inner panels when the solid wood extracting and contracting through seasons. 12 open shelves in similar size, separated by solid wood panels vertically and horizontally.

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Teak wood console table 1 drawer front left full view

Wood console table slats back

Solid wood simple and sturdy console table, 1 drawer top and 2 shelves bottom. Handcrafted of high grade teak wood, the console table uniform in color and grains, no dead knots in any wood surface. Plain top leaf 1 inch thick, fastened to the apron using wooden button to allow the movement of the solid wood top to expand and contract through the seasons. 15 cm height and 98 wide drawer at the front apron assembled with dovetail joint, using double...

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Reclaimed wood

At a time when global forests are under increasing deforestation pressures, reclaiming wood is an environmentally responsible practise that saves forests by reducing pressure on them to supply timber. For instance a disused warehouse with ten thousand board feet of reclaimable timber can offset the need to harvest ten acres of forest.

At the beginning of the 20th century, modern living movement touches almost all areas in Indonesia. More and more wooden houses demolished and replaced with modern buildings, this makes reclaimable timber sources become abundant. Most traditional fretwork makers use recovered planks from demolished old old wooden houses, in addition to it durability the reclaimed teak can be carved more easily than the new teak wood.

Since 2005 we have been making wood furniture using reclaimed wood from demolished houses, warehouses, and railway sleepers. Some types of reclaimed wood presented unique color influenced by the weather and moisture conditions of the house location. Dismantled traditional Javanese wooden house in the village produce light brown color with dark green lines teak wood. An old warehouse with large size poles produces teak wood in patina color.

Featured reclaimed wood furniture

A simple and sturdy solid wood bed made of reclaimed teak from demolished old houses. Curved backward headboard, 3 large wooden horizontal slats. Plain side...

Two stacked drawers hanging at the top apron under the top leaf made this table a perfect selection for office furniture, classic bureau. The desk top is made of...

Classic table with beautiful twin pedestal handcrafted of reclaimed wood from demolished old wooden houses. Rectangular shape solid wood top leaf, sit on...

How to buy

Because there are such a vast selection of wood furniture and so many customization variables such as solid wood types, finishing color, protective coating, upholstery, hardware, and features, it is very difficult to provide an exact price-list of our furniture.

For your convenience to order our furniture, we are happy to offer an online inquiry list system. Similar to an online "shopping cart", we invite you to browse our wood furniture products, and build a list of items that you would like us to quote you.


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In order to ensure that you receive the best price possible, we will calculate the total ourselves. As soon as we receive the information from the online inquiry system, we will review the details and get back to you within two working days.