Custom furniture

Teak | Mahogany | Reclaimed wood

We custom made furniture for customers of all shapes and sizes regardless of the project scale, whether it is full container order by furniture business or custom dining set by private customer.

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Wood furniture

Handcrafted to perfection by Indonesian furniture craftsman
Sustainably harvested & Reclaimed wood

Our advantage is the ability to build wood furniture using harvested wood from sustainable forest, or reclaimed wood from demolished old buildings, barns, railway sleepers, and any previously structures.

New furniture

Living room | Sofas

Karmin wood sofa

Width : 240 Depth: 90 Height: 90 cm

Living room 3 seats sofa solid wood slats sides and backrest beautifully curved outward. This best selling...

Living room | Loveseats

Wood loveseat

Width : 140 Depth: 95 Height: 85 cm

A loveseat designed to fit two person comfortably, it is versatile and perfect fit many space in a house....

Living room | Lounge Chairs

Wood armchair

Width : 95 Depth: 90 Height: 75 cm

Sturdy yet comfortable lounge chair handmade of teak solid wood and rattan. The backrest and sides curved...

Office | Bookcases

Mahogany vintage bookcase 2D

Width : 96 Depth: 40 Height: 190 cm

English vintage bookcase handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. 2 glass doors hutch on top of 2 solid wood doors...

Office | Desks

Classic partner desk leather top

Width : 180 Depth: 90 Height: 77 cm

A classic partner desk replica made of mahogany solid wood. Green leather inlay and 3 drawers desk top lying...

Office | Bookcases

Antique bookcase 6 doors

Width : 170 Depth: 50 Height: 207 cm

Antique furniture replica of Victorian period bookcase 3 glass doors hutch, 3 doors and 3 drawers sideboard...

Bedroom | Dressers

Dresser 6d breakfront

Width : 80 Depth: 40 Height: 75 cm

Beautiful French classic chest of 6 drawers handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Breakfront central section...

Bedroom | Beds

Rococo bed

Width : 225 Depth: 160 Height: 145 cm

Elaborate carving bed frame rococo period bed replica, handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany wood. 145 cm height...

Office | Office Chairs

Swivel chair

Width : 60 Depth: 55 Height: 102 cm

Classic office chair made of mahogany wood, leather upholstery seat and backrest. Turning solid wood large...

Mahogany solid wood furniture

Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany wood is a richly colored lumber among valuable timber species in the world. It is known for its unique pink color that evolves into deep reddish brown color as it ages. Among many species of hardwoods that are usually used to build wood furniture, mahogany is the most preferred by furniture makers because it has few knots and voids...

Real solid wood

Solid wood is the most durable wood furniture compared to other wood furniture types, real solid wood furniture pieces is highly reluctant to decay and can last for decades. When made with proper construction and joinery a solid wood furniture..

Quote request system

For your convenience we are happy to offer an online quote request system. Similar to an online store "shopping cart," the system estimate the volume of items in the cart to fulfill 20/40/40HQ container load. We invite you to build a quote request list...

Custom made furniture

Our custom furniture made pieces according to your design and exact specifications. We have a simple thought, "no standard sizes for any furniture pieces". You can ask us to make furniture pieces with custom features and particular size to suit your room

Best selling collection

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

Drift wood furniture

Exceptional furniture pieces with aged wood color that give an appearance of antique furniture. Karimun furniture pieces are made of driftwood and recycled wood...

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

Indonesia ethnic furniture

The most popular classic furniture in Indonesia is batavia style, Jakarta ethnic style furniture that has existed since the 18th century. The collection is cosists of terrace chair..

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

Grey washed wood furniture

The mixture of the quality craftsmanship and magnificent contemporary furniture design. The collection is made of reclaimed wood from old teak houses...

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

Karmin wood living room seats

The Karmin living room seats is a blend of comfort with the strength, the marriage of elegance with courage. The karmin chair and sofa frames are made of teak wood...

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

Coro distressed wood

The Coro design feature sliding doors with plastic rails, plain simple block base. handxrafted of reclaimed teak wood, distressed and the pieces is finished with whitewash...

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

White washed reclaimed wood furniture

Bold lines and reclaimed wood combined with steel brushed treatment to enhance the wood grains are the distinctive features of this collection. Whitewashed finish..

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

Classic furniture of the Colonial period made of teak wood

Some of the best colonial period furniture pieces handcrafted of teak solid wood. Embellished with original turning and edge shape, block base and raised panels on the sides.

Teak wood and rattan livingroom seats

Imada salvaged teak wood

The Imada collection is features the green living movement, by using the reclaimed wood from demolished old buildings, barns, railway sleepers, and other previously structures.

Indofur Furniture

Since 1998, we have committed to manufacture and exporting good quality wood furniture to our customers at an affordable price. Supported by skillful and experienced woodworkers, carpenters, sculptors, finishers, and upholsterer we have managed to exporting chairs, sofas, desks, beds, woodworking and other interiors to our customers in various countries.

As a furniture manufacturer, we are able to custom made solid wood furniture according to customer designs and specifications. We work with customers of all shapes and sizes with any wood furniture project regardless of quantity, whether it is several containers order by furniture store or few pieces by end user. Any customers are welcomed and given the same enthusiasm and care.

We also have affiliation and established cooperation as joint manufacturing with reliable partners as our outsourcing. i.e.: Artisans, craftsmen, and other wood furniture manufacturers that related in furnishing projects or craftsmanship.

Enjoy your visit to our site and wish you much success in your furnishing projects or trade.