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Handcrafted custom furniture

Over the past 16 years, we have created various furniture for our clients. Each piece is made individually according to designs and specifications of the clients.


We are a small, yet dedicated and enthusiastic wood furniture manufacturer located in Jepara, Indonesia furniture industry center, Central Java. We custom made wood furniture using the best selection of Indonesian hardwoods and reclaimed wood, according to your design and specifications, without minimum order quantity. We work with customers of all shapes and sizes with any wood furniture project regardless of scale, whether it is one room or the whole house welcomed and given the same enthusiasm and care.

Wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

Most of the reclaimed wood furniture were made of recovered wood from demolished old wooden houses. In the early to mid 19th century in Indonesia, timber is the main material to build house because it is relatively plentiful and inexpensive. In fact, timber can be obtained from the forest without buying it. At that time the quality of wood was the best because the climate...

Teak furniture

Indonesia furniture industry is dominated by teak furniture manufacturing because of the government support that supply teak timbers through PERHUTANI plantation. The quality of the wood used to build furniture is assured because PERHUTANI strictly controlling the age and size of the harvested timber. The teak trees incised to the core and left dead for a year...

Mahogany furniture

Mahogany furniture craftsmen in Indonesia have been making antique furniture reproduction since the 80s. In the mid 90s, the furniture reproduction business manufacturing is growing rapidly due to the weakening of the Rupiah against US dollar and the increasing of carving artisans that turned into furniture craftsman and woodworker.

Recent works

Teak wood lazy chair

A classic colonial plantation chair solid wood frame wicker seat and backrest. Inviting for relaxation the chair is designed...

Teak wood concave back dining chair

Stunning dining chair comfortable backrest handmade of teak solid wood. Turning front legs, circular flower carving tom,...

Teak wood picton sofa

A simple sofa 2 seats handmade of teak solid wood, curved wooden slats sides. The piece is custom made according to Arbor...

Ima wood chair rattan back

A simple high back tub chair in teak solid wood frame and rattan woven sides, custom made for Desima Nuriana, a private customer...

Custom design bed & bedside

These bed frame and bedside were made according to a photo that sent by a private customer. Handcrafted from mahogany solid...

Tub chair

This comfortable tub chair is handcrafted with curved back to provide a relaxing space to sit, in simple shape to make it...

How it works?

We strive to simplify the stages of custom made furniture manufacturing, but involving the customer as much as possible in every production phases from the design shop drawings to delivery of the finished pieces.

The infographics of ordering and manufacturing wood furniture in indofur

Send us your idea or design

The initial stage of the manufacture of custom design is your idea. You can send us your ideas in photos, drawings, sketches, or anything that can help us understand your ideas. Or click here to create a custom made project through our website.

Our designer will assists you

Our designers will contact you to discuss your ideas, and preparing shop drawings and 3D images if necessary. We can provide you the wood samples, color and finishes samples, and other materials that can help in your projects.

Production stage

We create photos for every process that occurs to your design, starting from cutting the wood into components, to assembling, to sanding, and to finishing. You are involved since the production beginning, you can suggest changes immediately before we apply further process.

Packing and Shipping

More detailed photos will be sent to the customer before the pieces are packed, the customer can determine the condition and quality of furniture before we ship it. We provide certificates, ISPM 15 packing standards, and other requirements for shipment to the nearest port of customer address.

Reasons to custom made

You see particular piece, but couldn't find local stores or online shop that sell it. We can custom made it according to the photo of the piece, we can apply custom finishing according to your requirements.
We can custom made any existing wood furniture design with some modifications to the measurements to fit your home. However, there is limitation we work with mahogany, teak, and reclaimed wood only.
You saw expensive wood furniture design and want to have it in an affordable price. The custom made piece doesn't has to be expensive, we can custom made wood furniture in affordable price.
It's take time to build a design. Once the design has been finalized, we need 6 - 8 weeks to complete the production. But, in return you receive the pieces as your expectations.
The design is yours, there is no one out there using the same. We pay attention to detail and put a lot of efforts into your design. We select the best available solid wood to work on it, it's quality is better than wholesaler furniture in the shop.

Why Indofur?

  • At Indofur we focusing in custom made furniture manufacturing, we do not build mass products. Any furniture pieces by Indofur is made of best solid wood with special attention to details.
  • We are working on a project at a time. To assure we can meet the expectations of customers, we are not working multiple projects at a stage. We will working on new projects only after the previous project has been passed to the next stage.
  • No minimum quantity. You can custom order 1 piece side table, or a set of dining room furniture. However, shipping companies apply minimum volume of 2 Cubic meters per-shipment.
  • We are pleased to know customers love our work. Whenever a custom made project is completed and shipped, we waited and worried about customer ratings on the pieces. For us, a good assessment of customers on our work is the most valuable payment.


  • Regency backless bench

    This bench is one of the regency furniture pieces that popular in Indonesia during the colonization period. The frames is made of solid...

  • Sheraton outdoor bench

    British colonial bench 2 seats handmade of teak solid wood. Wide backrest top frame decorated with peacock carving. Wooden slats concave...

  • Concave wood bedside

    Simple bedside 2 drawers handmade of teak solid wood. Profile edge top leaf, concave left and right side curves to the legs. Dovetail...

Indonesia Furniture
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