Wood furniture

Solid furniture - Dining room table, chair, and china cabinet

Why choose solid wood furniture?

Solid wood has been used to build furniture in ancient times, until now it is still popular in furniture manufacturing. This is because its durability and practical use in furniture construction. Wood furniture is reluctant to decays and last for decades.

There are plenty of handcrafted solid wood furniture in 18th century still last until today. Stand proudly inside royal palace and aristocrats castle, or sold at high price in antique shops.

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Patina color and unique graions of the reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

While the green living movement campaign echoes louder, solid wood furniture popularity and demand for it remains high. This makes wood furniture manufacturers need for environment friendly timber increasing significantly. Reclaimed wood from demolished buildings and recycled timber become preferable material in furniture manufacturing.

Even pattern and smooth surface mahogany solid wood dining room furniture

Mahogany furniture

Mahogany wood is a richly colored lumber with unique pink color that evolves into deep reddish brown color as it ages. Among many species of hardwoods mahogany is the most preferred by furniture makers because it has few knots and voids, smooth surface, features even grain pattern which is makes it ideal for fine furnishing and wood crafts.

Unique grains and color of the teak shown on the table and chairs surface

Teak furniture

The durability of teak wood makes it preferable for outdoor furniture and flooring, At the end of the 19th century the popularity of teak furniture spread to many countries, especially Europe and the US. This brings many advantages to the Indonesian furniture industry, especially wooden furniture and handicrafts industries in Central Java.