New Furniture

We create a reproduction of  the British colonial small and simple display cabinet using mahogany solid wood.

Colonial display cabinet

Antique colonial display cabinet replica handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Mirror back compartment with glass shelves enclosed by 2 glass doors on the front side. Plain simple structures glazed at the left and right sides.

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The Raffles lion carving chair has anything to become a statement-maker furniture in your house. A grandiose design piece in large size decorated with elaborate wood carving. The chair will stand out to become an eye-catching furniture piece in a room.

Raffles lion king chair

British regency antique throne replica, large size assembled of sturdy legs and high backrest. Raffles lion king chair handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, decorated with elaborate wood carving. The seat and backrest of the chair upholstered with foam and velvet fabric.

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An antique display cabinet of the Victorian period remade using mahogany solid wood. Handcrafted to perfection by Indonesian furniture craftsmen in Central Java.

Victorian display cabinet 2 doors hutch

The Victorian display cabinet consists of hutch lying on top of a sideboard. Our builders handcraft the cabinet using mahogany solid wood. The hutch door using 3mm glass, solid brass hinges, and pulls. Solid wood board paneled door enclosing a shelf inside the sideboard, the base of the cabinet.

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The medieval throne of king Ralph made in sturdy and large size sizes. Elaborate carving embellished the chair symbolizing the power and prosperity.

King Ralph's chair

A large throne of medieval period furniture style. King Ralph's chair is handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, decorated with elaborate wood carving.

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A beautiful handcrafted coffee table replicate the Victorian period antique coffee table. Four cabriole legs and whorl feet connected by foliage carving top aprons.

Victorian coffee table

A British Victorian period antique coffee table reproduction made of mahogany wood. Plain and smooth solid wood top leaf on top of foliage carving aprons. Supported by four cabriole legs hassock carving knee and scroll feet.

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The most simple vitrine of the colonial period antique furniture handcrafted of mahogany solid wood

Colonial vitrine

A slim vitrine colonial period antique furniture reproduction handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. All four sides enclosed by glass framed with plain solid wood. Curves front drawers and four bun feet base.

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Colonial dining table oval top 330 cm length is a perfect selection for your large dining room. It has double extensions and five turning legs decorated with vertical reeds.

Colonial dining table

Colonial dining table double extensions handcrafted of mahogany wood. Turning and reeded five legs, 240 x 120 cm oval top extendable to 285 cm (single extension), and 330 cm (double extensions).

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Colonial console table replica handcrafted of Indonesia grows mahogany wood, 1 drawer front, supported by four beautiful turning legs.

Colonial console table 1D

Colonial period console table replica handcrafted of mahogany wood. Profiled edges plain wood top leaf, 1 drawer at front apron, four turning legs with bun foot. Fine finished in classic mahogany color, polyurethane protective coating.

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Colonial period coffee table replica made of mahogany wood

Colonial coffee table

A replica of antique colonial period coffee table handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Plain solid wood top profiled edges, 2 drawers at front side apron supported by four turning legs.

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Custom furniture

We focusing in manufcature custom made furniture for customers who wants us to build furniture pieces according their designs and specifications. The goal is to provide our reseller with well selling furniture to increase sales, or furniture pieces that suit particular rooms for private customers and interior designers.

Any customer

We work with any customers with any custom furniture project sizes. We create custom dining furniture set for private buyers to a full container order by wholesalers.

  • Furniture stores that needs special designs of wood furniture to increase sales
  • Special designs for interior designers and furnishing projects for hotels, restaurant, etc..
  • OEM manufacturing, modification of existing pieces to meet buying price for furniture wholesalers

How it works?

We do our best to simplify the stages of buying custom made furniture manufacturing while involving customer as much as possible. All you have todo is send us photos, sketches, or any other documents that can help us to figure out your furniture designs.

Or, you can simply email us links to website pages that contain the pictures and specifications of the furniture you want. Let us do the rest for you.

Send us your designs
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Wholesale price

In addition to our custom furniture manufacturing, we built co-manufacturing program with small scale furniture craftsmen. This is allow us to provide customer with extensive collection of wood furniture made in Indonesia.

For your convenience to get the wholesale price of our wood furniture products, we provide an online quotation request system. Similar to an online "shopping cart", we invite you to browse our furniture to build a list of any wood furniture pieces that you would like us to quote you.

Read about quotation request system

Real solid wood handcrafted with attention to detail

We use sustainable harvested timber and reclaimed wood from demlished old houses to build our furniture. All of them have two things in common, made of real solid wood and handcrafted with attention to details.

Reclaimed wood furniture in living room

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

At the time of the global forests are under increasing pressure to deforestation, reclaimed wood is an environmentally responsible practices that save forests by reducing the pressure on them to supply lumber. For instance a disused warehouse...

Teak wood dining table fluted leg

Teak Furniture

Teak furniture has long been considered as the most durable outdoor wooden furniture. Teak wood strength and its resistance to rot make teak furniture can withstand the weathers without being damaged when left outdoors for years. It is also resistant to fungi..

Mahogany wood dining room set

Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany furniture of Indonesia is handcrafted of tropical hardwood genus swietenia. The wood os introduced to Indonesia in 1870 using seed from the West Indies. Until now, mahogany planted and managed by public forestry company Perum Perhutani Indonesia.