Wood Furniture

Solid wood structure, traditional construction
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Regency lazy chair solid wood frame Regency lazy chair genuine leather seat
Dresser 3 drawers plans Unfinished dresser 3 drawers Silver leaf gilt dresser 3 drawers Painted finish dresser 3 drawers

Unfinished and Finished

All of our furniture available in unfinished and finished pieces, we also work on custom finishes.
Wood and finishes samples
Teak timber Teak wood sawing Teak furniture manufacturing furniture finishing Reclaiming solid wood Recovering the wood Reclaimed wood manufacturing
Supported by skillful and experienced woodworkers,
carpenters, sculpturer, fine painter, and upholsterer
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Solid wood furniture

“Our advantage is the ability to manufacture wood furniture using harvested wood from Indonesia's teak plantation, recycled and reclaimed wood from demolished old buildings, barns, railway sleepers, and any wood that previously were structures. ”

Solid wood furniture in unfinished and finished, accented and decorated with old technique craftsmanship and carving, combined with genuine leather and natural fiber, equipped with some of the best available hardwares and fixtures.

100% Solid wood furniture

Custom made wood furniture

Indofur's in-house furniture manufacturing is focused in developing custom made wood furniture for the customers who wants us to build wood furniture pieces according their designs and specifications.

The goals are : to provide the possibility for the furniture stores to order new design pieces to increase sales, to build furniture pieces that suit particular rooms for private customers, and commercial furniture manufacturing for interior designers and furnishing projects.

Custom made kitchen furniture

Made of Solid wood

In addition to our In-house manufacturing of custom made wood furniture, we provide our customers a comprehensive selection of Indonesia furniture by build a succesfully co-manufacturing with small scale wood furniture craftsmen in Indonesia, and outsources network of teak garden furniture manufacturers companies. Based on the In-house production, co-manufacturing carftsmen, and outsources in Central Java, we offer wholesale pricing of solid wood furniture to wholesalers, resellers, furnishing projects, furniture stores, and new furniture business for considerations.

Reclaimed wood

At a time when global forests are under increasing deforestation pressures, reclaimed wood furniture is an environmentally responsible wooden products that saves forests by reducing pressure on them to supply timber...

Teak wood

Our teak furniture is made of harvested teak wood from sustainable teak plantations owned by Perum Perhutani, on the island of Java, Indonesia. Perum Perhutani is the government forestry corporation which responsible for regulating the...

Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood, the reddish brown timber used in all of our products comes from sustainable Indonesian government managed Perum Perhutani forest. The felling and replanting of trees within these forest is carefully controlled, ensuring this natural resource is preserved for the future. Indonesia furniture mahogany wood...

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture manufacturing has been the most busiest furniture business in Indonesia. Most of the small craftsmen are made the teak garden furniture as regular produtcs, which is made daily. Several large manufacturers build the combination of aluminium-teak-wicker patio furniture pieces. We source some of the best patio furniture for our customers.

Suar wood

For wood furniture lovers, we build limited amount of extra ordinary solid wood furniture. Extra wide and extra thick furniture pieces which made of one piece of solid wood. Three meters dining table with 10 cm thickness no joint, real 1 solid timber. To ensure the price affordable, we build this kind of furniture with Suar / Trembesi / Meh wood.

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Wood furniture packing

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Because there is such a vast selection and so many customization variables such as timber, finishing, upholstery, and packing, it is very difficult to provide an exact price of each wood furniture that available in our product catalog...

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Solid wood furniture

Ethnic style furniture

Since the end of the century 18, furniture manufacturer at Jepara has made Indonesian ethnic furniture for some regions in Indonesia, especially Jakarta which was then named Batavia. The Batavia and Javanese furniture styles were dominated the classic furniture..

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Solid wood furniture

Commercial furniture

The commercial furniture is designed for hotels offices, guest houses, restaurants, bars and lounges, cafes, educational institutions, and rest houses. Basically, our commercial furniture pieces are similar to the regular furniture in our home,..

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Indonesia Furniture

Since 1998, we have committed to manufacture and exporting good quality wood furniture to our customers at an affordable price. Supported by skillful and experienced woodworkers, carpenters, sculpture, painter/finisher, and upholsterer we have managed to exporting wood furniture to our customers in various countries. With the long experiences and dedication in wood furniture and furnishing-projects, we provide designs, fine materials, proper construction and structures, fine-finishing, and project management for procurements as well to give a high performances.

We also have affiliation and established cooperation as joint manufacturing operation with reliable partners and severals small scale furniture manufacturers as our outsourcing. i.e.: Artisans, craftsmen, and other wood furniture manufacturers that related in furnishing projects or craftsmanship. We are focused on creating a worry free direct connection from our manufacturing network to your business and saving you thousands on next years invesments.

Enjoy your visit to our site and wish you much success in your furnishing projects or trade.