Indofur furniture and craftsmen in Work

About Us


Established in 1998 at Jepara, the center of Indonesian furniture industries in Central Java, INDONESIA, Indofur has been nominated for creative ideas in furnishing business. In the early years of establishment the company manufactures and supply unfinished teak furniture to several companies in Jepara, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Jakarta.

Since 2002, the company supplies European buyers through the buying agents, such as Habufa-Belgium, Pier-1-Import, and several other small customers.

Our advantages

Our main advantage is the ability to build furniture from either plantation harvested wood or reclaimed wood from demolished buildings. Wood carving tradition of the people in Jepara district also another advantage that helping us in supply European antique reproduction furniture to our customers.

Carving solid wood baroque furniture legs

We have about 50 wood carving artisans and small scale carved furniture craftsmen in our partnership program.

With the help by these fellows we create reproduction of many antique furniture, from baroque to neo classic period of the French, and Edwardian to regency of the English antique furniture period.

Custom furniture

We custom made furniture for those of you who wants a furniture made of real wood into any designs and specifications to perfect fit a room in your house. 

At Indofur, we focusing in hand-made solid wood furniture using traditional techniques. We advantage in wood carving, most of our woodworkers experienced in handcrafting European antique furniture replica.

We are working on a project at a time to ensure the customer expectations are met. No minimum order quantity, customer can order 1 piece side table, or a set of dining room furniture. However, shipping companies apply minimum volume of 2 Cubic meters per-shipment.


In order to provide our customer a comprehensive selection of Indonesia made wood furniture, we built co-operation with other Indonesian furniture manufacturer companies and small scale craftsmen.

These partners are vary in capacity, capability, and specialization. Some of them are manufacturing ompanies which operate a semi machine furniture production, and most of them are small furniture craftsmen and artisans.

The types of craftsmen in the network are, chair makers, cabinet makers, table makers, wicker artisans, carvers, sculptor, and handicraft artisans.

With the support of these partners, we expect to supply many more customers with extensive selection of furniture style. From antique reproduction to modern furniture, from new harvested wood to reclaimed wood furniture.

Featured custom made furniture

Mahogany solid wood chairs rattan backrest and sides.
Chair photo sent by clients


The chair picture captured from interior magazine by the customer and sent to our designer. The customer expect us to build the chair frame using mahogany wood. Our designer has to find the most suitable dimension for the chair.

3d chairs

3D Images

Our designer create 3d images of the chair frame using photo realistic redering. This is to find the measures of the chairs and ensure the appearance of the chairs similar to the photos. The carving at the backrest will be designed after approval by client.

Chair shop drawing

Shop drawing

The chair design and measures is finalized, carving and rattan pattern has been approved in the discussions of our designer and the client. We create final shop drawing and send it to client, the production starting once the client approve the plans.

solid wood components and parts


We are glad to provide any detail of the process that requested by the client. The current client ask us to create photos of any steps that we have done to the project, starting from the component making process to the finishing of the pieces

Assembling the mahogany chair


We create more detailed photos of the assembled pieces for the client, the client can request photos of any sections. At this stage we need the client approval before we continue to the finishing process.

Solid wood chair finishing


We do anything to ensure the piece is finished according to the customer specifications. We can create finishing samples according to the client specifications and send it to the client adress.