Terms and Conditions

Solid wood, traditional construction - joinery - methods

Each pieces of our wood furniture products is hand-made from start to finish. Many traditional construction, joinery, and methods are used to build the pieces. The individual workmanship may cause slight differences in measurements and finish. This solid wood furniture constantly responds to it`s environment, therefore, the furniture has a subtle distressed look.

Minimum Order

We do not apply minimum volume of an order, customers can order in any amount at any volume. However, international shipping apply a minimum volume of 2 Cubic meters per-shipment. This mean you have to pay the shipping cost of 2 Cubic meters for shipping furniture less than 2 CBM. We will calculate and inform you the total volume of your custom made order on inital discussion of the projects. During the production time, you can add extra pieces to your custom made order.

Placing a custom made Order

If you wish to place a custom made order, either submit your custom made projects by fill the form in custom made page of our website, or email your custom made design pictures and specifications to [email protected] Our designer will contact you to discuss your custom design and provide you any information that yo need to finalize the order.

In order to process your custom made production a minimum deposit of 50% of the total price is required. We are only apply Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to our bank account. All custom made furniture orders are subject to approval by the Indofur. Any information including plans and shop drawings of your custom made order will be mailed to you within one week of being processed. Any descrepancies or questions should be addressed at this time. No refunds or exchanges will be made once your order has been processed.


We can only quote items ex-factory price, shipping cost, and document charges to nearest port of your address. You have to contact customs brokers or forwarding agent to query the costs of releasing and deliver the furniture from port to your address.


Lead time to delivery for first shipment is app. 8 weeks. We will send you the commercial invoice of the shipped items, the remaining payment should be transferred to our bank in return. Upon receipt of the payment in our bank account, original documents will be mailed to you by air courier.

Start a custom made furniture project

Send us the pictures, photographs, or any specifications that explain your design. Our designer will contact you to discuss the design and production cost estimation. Be note, the discussion of the design does not require you to place an order.

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