Various wood furniture by Indofur


The furniture pieces you will see here represent some of the custom furniture that we have ever made, extended with handcrafted wood furniture pieces made by small scale furniture craftsmen and artisans involved in our partnership program. It is only small part of the solid wood furniture that Indofur and partners have made, to show what we were capable of.

Indoor furniture

Armoires & closests


Mahogany antique armoires replica and wardrobe cabinet handcrafted of teak and reclaimed wood.

Beds & headboards


Bedframe, bunk beds, bedsteads, and headboard handmade of teak, reclaimed wood, and recycled teak.

Bedsides & nightstands


Bedside table, chest, lamp table, and nightstand handmade of teak and reclaimed wood.

Benches & daybeds


Living room benches accented with rattan wicker and solid wood backless bench for dining room.

Bookcases & bookshelves


Bookcase, bookshelf, etagers, and open showcase handmade of reclaimed wood and teak wood.

Buffets & sideboards


Buffets, dining server, sideboard for dining room and livingroom made of teak and reclaimed wood.

Display cabinets & showcases


Vitrine, display cabinet, showcases, and glass door cupboard made of teak and reclaimed wood.

Chairs & loungers


Easy chair, lounge chair, lazy chair, lobby chair made of teak and reclaimed wood

Dressers & commodes


Chest of drawers, dresser, and commode made of teak and reclaimed wood

Coffee tables & center tables

Coffee tables

Coffee table, center table, and cocktail table made of teak and reclaimed wood

Console tables & accent tables

Console Tables

Wall table, hall table, hallstand, console table, dining server table handmade of teak wood and reclaimed wood

Desks & writing tables


Office desk, escritoire, writing table, and cashier table made of reclaimed wood and teak wood

Dining chairs - Arm chair & side chairs

Dining Chairs

Dining room side chair and carver chair hand made of teak wood and reclaimed wood

Dining tables ?& dining servers

Dining Tables

Dining room table handmade of teak and reclaimed wood

Entertainment Units

Entertainment Units

Tv stand, tv buffet, av cabinet handmade of teak wood and reclaimed wood.

Occasional pieces

Occasional Pieces

Miscellaneous furniture pieces handmade of teak and reclaimed wood.

Side tables & end tables

Side tables

Side table, end table, and lamp table made of teak and reclaimed wood

Sofas & loveseats


Upholstered seat sofa, couch, love seat handcrafted of teak and mahogany solid wood

Vanities & mirrors

Vanities and Mirrors

Wall mirror, vanities, and dressing table made of reclaimed wood and teak wood.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor side tables

Patio accent tables

Side tables and coffee table for garden area made of teak and syntethic wicker

Garden accessories

Patio Accessories

Garden lamp, planter, trolley, and hammock handcrsfted of teak wood.

Outdoor benches

Patio benches & lounger

Garden and poolside benches, loungers made of teak and synthetic wicker

Outdoor chairs

Patio chairs

Dining chairs, reclining chairs for garden area made of teak wood

Deep seating

Patio deep seating

Deep seating and sofas for garden area made of teak and syntethic wicker

Outdoor dining tables

Patio dining tables

Fixed and extension dining table for outdoor handmade of teak solid wood


Patio parasols & cushions

Teak garden parasols and cushions

Indonesia's tropical hardwoods

Mahogany and teak wood are the most widely used hardwoods in Indonesia furniture industry. Both species considered as eco-friendly wood since they were grown in timber plantations, state-owned production forest and community-owned FSC certified plantation.

The world largest timber plantation is found in Java island, owned by Indonesia state through PERHUTANI a state-owned forest enterprise. The company strictly control the planting and harvesting cycle of the timber in 2 million hectares production forest of Indonesia. This is to preserve natural resources while providing high-quality wood to industries. The size and the age of the harvested timber limited, the timber age has to be more than ten years old before it harvested.

Teak plantation in Central Java
Teak trees at Perhutani plantation

Seasoned teak wood

Perhutani plantation harvested timber is known to be the best wood available in Indonesia, usually straight and has few to none dead knot. As shown in the photo above, the tree branches are cut before they grow to allow the trees grow straight.

Seasoning timber
Seasoning the timber


Each piece of our furniture is made of harvested solid wood from the sustainable forest, teak plantation, and reclaimed wood from demolished building. The furniture is handcrafted using a sturdy construction such as dovetails and tenon - mortise mixed together with floating panels fastened with dowels, screws, and reinforcing corner blocks. These traditional furniture construction and joints have been tested for centuries, and still used at the moment.