Rococo Bed: Baroque antique reproduction mahogany wood bedframe

Rococo bed

Mahogany| W. 225, D. 160 H. 145 cm

Rococo bed frame is decorated with intricate wood carving similar to late baroque period furniture. The piece is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood. 145 cm headboard height decorated with rococo carving, scrolls, and foliage fretwork. Low foot board and side aprons decorated with flower carving. Wooden slats mattress support.

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Louis XV sleigh bed made of mahogany solid wood

Mahogany sleigh bed LXV

Mahogany| W. 174, D. 226 H. 96 cm

Louis XV sleigh bed popular in 19th century during the reign of Louis XV. The bed features beautiful curved headboard and foot board resembling sleigh. We create the replica of the Louis XV sleigh bed using mahogany solid wood, assembled with traditional wood furniture construction and joinery.

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Solid wood bed frame stepped headboard

Stepped headboard bed frame

Teak| W. 216, D. 196 H. 86 cm

Oriental fretwork bed frame is made of teak solid wood harvested from teak plantation in Central Java. The bed features square frame legs and stepped headboard with plain central panels.

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Sunken headboard low bed teak solid wood

Sunken headboard low bed

Teak| W. 220, D. 200 H. 80 cm

Beautiful solid wood bed, sunken board accented with four square holes at the headboard inserted into large rectangular legs.

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Tapered legs low bed handcrafted of teak solid wood

Tapered legs low bed

Teak| W. 210, D. 220 H. 85 cm

Concave wooden rail at the headboard combined with the tapered sturdy legs make this low bed look Japanese classic furniture piece.

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Curved headboard reclaimed wood bed

Curved headboard bed

Reclaimed Wood| W. 168, D. 215 H. 120 cm

A simple and sturdy solid wood bed made of reclaimed teak from demolished old houses. Curved backward headboard, 3 large wooden horizontal slats.

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Teak wood turning four poster bed

Colonial four poster bed

Teak| W. 175, D. 225 H. 215 cm

Colonial classic style teak wood poster bed handcrafted of teak solid wood. Finial decorations topmost fix a plain canopy to the posters, turning and reeded mixed with plain square shape.

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Plain posters bed solid wood black painted finish

Plain tapered poster bed

Teak| W. 230, D. 190 H. 205 cm

Simple four poster bed handmade of teak solid wood, plain canopy lying on top of tapered posters. Large side aprons support solid wood slats mattress base.

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Colonial sleigh bed teak wood frame rattan headboard

Colonial sleigh bed cane

Teak| W. 243, D. 210 H. 130 cm

Colonial sleigh bed handcrafted of teak solid wood. Rattan woven headboard and foot board, Plain side rails, turning four legs, solid wood slats mattress support.

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Contemporary platform bed frame handcrafted of reclaimed wood from demolished old buildings

Platform bed whitewashed

Reclaimed Wood| W. 227, D. 188 H. 85 cm

Wire brushed and whitewashed finish platform bed handmade of reclaimed teak wood. Low posters foot board, solid wood headboard, wooden slats mattress support. Available in any standard mattress sizes.

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Reclaimed teak poster bed.

Four poster bed.

Reclaimed Wood| W. 220, D. 160 H. 180 cm

Turning and tapered wood four posters bed,frame handmade of reclaimed teak wood. High headboard, low foot board, plain side rails with tenon bolt joint, wooden slats mattress support.

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Low bed slanted headboard handcrafted of reclaimed teak wood

Slated head low bed

Reclaimed Wood| W. 235, D. 195 H. 75 cm

Plain and sturdy low bed handmade of teak solid wood. Taper headboard, no foot board, wooden slats mattress support, white washed finishing.

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