A true copy of French late baroque bedframe handcrafted of Indonesia grown mahogany wood. Embellished with elaborate wood carving on the headboard and footboard. Available in various finishes.

Mahogany wood, Bed rail fastener


Fine-Sanding, Pecan wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


88 4/8" x 62 7/8" x 57"

225 x 160 x 145 cm

Rococo bed

Late baroque bed decorated with elaborate wood carving

Rococo bed frame is decorated with intricate wood carving similar to late baroque period furniture. The piece is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood. 145 cm headboard height decorated with rococo carving, scrolls, and foliage fretwork. Low foot board and side aprons decorated with flower carving. Wooden slats mattress support.

Rococo elaborate carving bed frame made of mahogany wood
Elaborate carving and scrolling decoration legs at the footboard
Foliage carving headboard
Rococo bed white painted
Foliage carving painted headbiard
Scrolling and flower carving legs
Footboard central carving decoration

Baroque period furniture design famous for the elaborate wood carving decoration. The pieces usually carved with whimsical and asymmetrical shapes in realistic and higher relief.

To the late baroque, the wood carving become symmetrical though the intricacy remain the same.

The rococo furniture features elaborate carving of the late baroque style.

Rococo bed antique white painted finish

Our rococo bedframe features elaborate carving of the late baroque.  The headboard and footboard decorated with pierced wood carvings of foliage, shell, flower, and scrolls.

Mahogany wood

The bed is made of mahogany solid wood into high end wood furniture. We kiln dried the wood into 12% moisture contents to ensure the furniture will not crack or warp against the seasons to come.

Our builder handcrafted the bedframe using traditional furniture construction and joinery, equipped with modern hardware, steel bed rail fasteners. The headboard and foot board is made of solid wood planks that glued each others using loose tongue joint and polyurethane adhesive.

The wood is pierced before our carver embellished it with foliage and some rococo characteristic wood carving.


We sand down the wood with multiple grits of sandpaper to remove flaws such as scratch and dents caused by mills and woodworking tools. Starting with #180 sandpaper grit and ended with #360 sanding sealer.

After 3 times sanding sealer, the furniture is ready for staining process. There are many finishing colors in our finishes page to select for the bed, natural wood color, paint, powder coating, and leaf gilt.

Rococo bed mahogany gold painted

The rococo bed above is finished with gold powder mixed nitrocellulose lacquer, we apply clear coating spray using polyurethane to protect the color and wood surface.

Rococo bed in silver painted finish

Silver powder is used to stain the rococo bed above, it coated with nitrocellulose lacquer to protect the powder and the wood.