Wire brushed and whitewashed finish platform bed handmade of reclaimed teak wood. Low posters foot board, solid wood headboard, wooden slats mattress support. Available in any standard mattress sizes.

Reclaimed wood, Tenon bolt rail fasteners


Steel brushed, Whitewashed wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


89 2/8" x 74" x 33 3/8"

227 x 188 x 85 cm

Rustique bedframe

A sturdy platform bed made of reclaimed wood

The rustique bedframe comes with four L shape low posters on four corners. The bedframe handcrafted out of reclaimed wood from demolished old traditional teak houses in Java village. Steel brushed and whitewashed into a contemporary rustic furniture piece.

Reclaimed wood platform bed frame

Solid wood sturdy frame

The bed features large legs, thick head board, and large side rails. Four angle legs projected out from the bed rails into low posters.

Two posters at the bed head hold a thick solid wood board at the left and right side to form a headboard.

Reclaimed wood rustic beds side rail

Flatform mattress support

Large solid wood rails connect the headboard to the footboard using tenon and mortise joint fastened with screws. Two panels assembled of wooden slats inserted inside the rails to support mattres.

The rails and panels inside come in a same height to a platform mattress support.

Reclaimed wood rustic bed solid wood slats mattress support

Distressed wood grains

We apply special treatment to create a distressed wood grains on the bedframe. The wood surface brushed with wire cup grinder to emphasize the natural differences of the soft summer wood and winter hard grain.

Reclaimed wood rustic bed footboard detail


The bedframe finished with several steps. Painted with water base paint, then it sanded to make the paint left inside the pores.

The last finishing step is spray the wood with lacquer coating to protect the paint and wood surface.

Rustique Nightstand

Reclaimed wood wire brushed and whitewashed bedside table

The rustique nightstand features a coarse wood grains and angle legs to match the bed. A simple and sturdy small table with a thick solid wood top leaf handcrafted of reclaimed teak wood.

Employs two L shape legs assembled of wide and thick solid wood at the left front corner connected to the bottom of the top leaf. The back right corner left in L shape similar to the front legs is 10 cm higher than the top leaf.

The piece is brushed with wire cup brush to distress the grains deeply and enhance the wood surface.

Natural distressed wood grains

reclaimed drift wood coffee table
Distressed by nature, drift wood coffee table

The driftwood coffee table above is made of driftwood planks, the rough surface of the wood is distressed by nature. The planks connected using mitered joint to make the wood look like a solid log.