Rococo, late baroque period classic furniture decorated with distinctive carving. Popular in French when furniture design employ intricate carving of whimsical and asymmetrical forms.

Rococo dining chair

Mahogany| W. 55, D. 50 H. 108 cm

Rococo dining chair decorated with foliage carving on the backrest stiles. The chair features roses and scrolls carving crest on the backrest top. Handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, seat and backrest of the chair is filled with high resilience foam, covered with suede fabric.

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Fiddle back dining chair - Victorian antique furniture replica

Fiddle back chair TL

Mahogany| W. 50, D. 45 H. 90 cm

A classic dining chair balloon shape backrest and pierced splat fiddle carving central decoration. Upholstered seat fixed on bead edges rails. Turning front legs arrow feet, plain backlegs curved backward.

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Antique fiddle back armchair replica handcrafted of mahogany wood

Fiddle back armchair TL

Mahogany| W. 50, D. 45 H. 90 cm

Antique armchair reproduction made of mahogany wood, balloon shape and fiddle carving splat backrest. Upholstered seat on bead edges rail, turning front legs, plain curved back legs.

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Chippendale ribbon carving backrest armchair handcrafted of mahogany solid wood

Chippendale ribbon carving armchair

Mahogany| W. 62, D. 54 H. 102 cm

Chippendale ribbon carving armchair of the Victorian period handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Pierced splat backrest decorated with elaborate carving, slip seat upholstered with foam and fabric. Cabriole front legs acanthus leaf carving knee, claws and ball feet. Plain back legs curved backward.

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Chippendale antique ribbon carving chair replica handcrafted of mahogany wood

Chippendale ribbon carving chair

Mahogany| W. 60, D. 54 H. 102 cm

Antique Chippendale ribbon carving backrest dining chair replica made of mahogany solid wood. Pierced splat backrest curved top rail decorated elaborate wood carving. Brown suede fabric seat slip inside plain seat rail. Cabriole front legs and ball and claws feet, plain back legs curved backward.

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Victorian fiddle back armchair

Victorian fiddle back armchair CL

Mahogany| W. 50, D. 46 H. 97 cm

Classic dining armchair fiddle carving round backrest, upholstered seat, cabriole front legs.

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Victorian fiddle carving dining chair

Victorian fiddle back chair CL

Mahogany| W. 47, D. 46 H. 97 cm

Reproduction of Victorian dining chair mahogany wood fiddle carving round backrest upholstered seat.

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 Sheraton dining armchair teak wood and rattan

Sheraton dining armchair

Teak| W. 50, D. 55 H. 90 cm

Classic colonial armchair handcrafted of teak wood, diamond pattern rattan woven seat.

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