Vanities and Mirrors

A classic ethnic mirror using doors handcrafted of teak solid wood.

Batavian mirror

Teak| W. 80, D. 3 H. 90 cm

A beautiful mirror of the Batavia classic furniture embellished with foliage carving panels. The mirror covered with 2 trellis doors curved at top.

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Victorian dressing table replica handcrafted of mahogany wood

Victorian dressing table WS

Mahogany| W. 105, D. 47 H. 175 cm

British antique dressing table of the Victorian period handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Oval mirror and 2 drawers on top of kidney shape 1 drawer table, including a small rounded shape upholstered seat stool.

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Victorian period standing mirror made of mahogany wood

Victorian standing mirror

Mahogany| W. 76, D. 51 H. 166 cm

Victorian period antique mirror reproduction handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Bead edges frame with 3 mm beveled mirror, rounded at the top corners. The mirror and frameĀ  swiveled in curved poles and scrolling legs.

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Late baroque furniture - Rococo revival carving dressing table handcrafted of mahogany wood

Rococo dressing table

Mahogany| W. 100, D. 50 H. 175 cm

Classic rococo dressing table handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Elaborate carving oval mirror frame, 2 small drawers on top table. Kidney shape top table, 3 drawers decorated with foliage carving, cabriole four legs and whorl feet.

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Plain teak large mirror

Bali large mirror

Teak| W. 180, D. 3 H. 90 cm

Plain and simple wood mirror handmade in Indonesia, 5 mm thickness beveled mirror included.

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Indonesian traditional mirror teak solid wood and bamboo wicker frame

Teak mirror bamboo weaving

Teak| W. 90, D. 3 H. 120 cm

Indonesian traditional mirror, teak wood frame. Curved up top rail, straight side stiles and bottom rail. The plain solid wood frame accented with bamboo wicker. 5mm plywood backsides attached with brass hanger.

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