Handcrafting wood furniture using reclaimed timber from demolished old wooden houses

Reclaimed wood furniture

Environmentally friendly solid wood

At the time of the global forests are under increasing pressure to deforestation, reclaiming solid wood is an environmentally responsible practices that save forests by reducing the pressure on them to supply lumber. For instance, a disused warehouse with ten thousand board feet of reclaimable timber can offset the need to harvest ten acres of forest.

Dismantling an-old house in central java

Old teak house

In the early to mid 19th century in Indonesia, timber was main material to build houses. Ancient Indonesian prefer teak wood because of its durability. Furthermore, plenty of old and large size teak timber available in the forest for free. The quality of teak wood at that time was the best because the climate was good for timber growth.

HAndcrafting reclaimed wood dresser

Reclaiming the solid wood

In late 19th modern living movement touches almost all island in Indonesia. More and more traditional wooden houses demolished and replaced with modern buildings. Reclaimable timber sources become abundant.

The poles and structures of demolished old houses recovered to build reclaimed wood furniture. Thin planks and small bars used by fretwork makers to create pierced wood carving panels.

Weather and moisture condition of the location where an old house stood influence the color of the teak wood. Reclaimed teak from an old wooden house in Java village produces light brown color with dark green lines teak wood.

An old warehouse with large size poles produces teak wood with patina color. We chose old house aged over 20 years to ensure it woods has been through various climate in a long time.

Antique door reclaimed from an old warehouse

Most of the traditional wooden houses that still standing today are made of large size teak timber. An old house in Indonesia usually has a large main entry enclosed by two doors made of single solid wood board.

Reclaimed wood furniture pieces

Recycled wood round shelving

Round shelving

Round shelving unit of the Omega Mas, a furniture manufacturer in East Java, is made of recycled wood. Circular rail of the shelving is assembled of wood blocks, large blocks and small blocks glued in turns to form a round rail.

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Distressed wood grains solid wood bed

Reclaimed wood platform bed

Steel brushed and white washed finish platform bed, handmade of reclaimed teak wood. Low posters footboard, solid wood headboard, wooden slats mattress support.

Unique color and wood grains on top of a reclaimed wood furniture

Advantages of reclaimed timber

Main advantage of reclaimed wood is its unique appearance of the wood grains and color that is unmatchable. Durable and strong because it has been exposed to changes in humidity and climate for a long time. Withstands against various seasons in decades makes it stable as well, and it contributes to the green living movement.