Teak furniture making, sketching design to finishing process.

Teak furniture

Teak furniture has long been considered as the most durable outdoor wooden furniture. Teak wood strength and its resistance to rot make teak furniture can withstand the weathers without being damaged when left outdoors for years. In addition, it is also highly resistant to fungi, mildew, and termites.

Labor intensive teak furniture industry

The popularity of outdoor teak furniture cover the presence of indoor teak furniture industries. In fact, indoor teak furniture industry provides greater positive impact on society than the outdoor teak.

This is because indoor teak furniture manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry. Teak furniture industry involves small-scale teak wood furniture craftsmen and many inexperienced blue-collar workers.

It is undeniable that Indonesia has a large population and require labor-intensive industries to provide more jobs. While teak outdoor furniture is a product of a modern factory with woodworking machines, teak indoor furniture is handmade by small-scale craftsmen. Most of the indoor teak furniture export company build production networks with various craftsmen, wood carving artisans, and other woodworking specialties.

Teak indoor furniture

Rocking chair and horse handcrafted of teak wood

Rocking chair

Simple and clean lines furniture

Rocking chair and horse at the left size were made by PT Omega Mas, a furniture manufacturer company in East Java. Established in 1995, the company employs 250 full time woodworkers, 400 part time workers.

It is always amazing to see any new furniture design featured by the company.

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Sheraton teak furniture

British colonial furniture
Sheraton sunrise carving furniture

Sheraton teak furniture is some of the British colonial furniture reproduction that familiar to traditional furniture craftsmen in Indonesia. The style employs flute legs for the table and chairs, sunrise carving on the chair backrest.

Sheraton sunrise carving furniture

Dining chair

Sheraton dining chair features turning and reeded front legs, sunrise carving backrest under a wide curved top rail. Rattan skin wicker attached to the seat apron of both armchair and side chair

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Sheraton sunrise carving furniture

Dining table

The dining table has a plain solid wood top leaf with edge profile decoration, connected to the apron with wooden clips and screws to allow the solid wood movement. Four large flute legs decorated with stright vertical reeds, connected to the corner bracket of the top apron, fastened with steel bolt.

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Outdoor teak furniture

There are a lot of sites on the net selling outdoor teak furniture. One of my fave company is Westminster Teak. The guys in the company know exactly how to create beautiful and timeless teak furniture.

Craftsman deep seating by Westminster teak furniture

The Craftsman Collection of Westminster teak features bold clean lines and transitional design, mixes elements of traditional and contemporary elements.

The design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a versatile teak furniture set that will suit any patio, garden, or living room.

Built with 100% Grade A Teak harvested from sustainable plantations in Indonesia. Every piece is precision manufactured to standard specifications for commercial and residential use. Optional Teak Finishes available.

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