Indonesia furniture - Betawi ethnic style

Indonesia furniture - Betawi ethnic style

Among various original styles of Indonesia furniture, the Betawi classic furniture design has distinctive style and shape. While many other Indonesian ethnic furniture employ large components and wood carving ornaments, the Betawi ethnic furniture design use plain components in proportional size..

The distinctive style of the Betawi ethnic furniture design made it the most popular Indonesian original furniture since early 19th century until now.

The Betawi furniture popular in late 18th to early 19th among the Batavian (Betawi: Indonesian original tribe of Jakarta and Tangerang) to furnish terrace and living room.

The styles fall into 2 designs, simple straight and elegant curves. Both design share excessive use of vertical bars.

Betawi furniture late 18th century, simple straight design

The simple straight design emerged in late 18th century features straight front legs and arrow feet. The armrest and backrest of chair employs straight bars vertically connected to the chair frames.

The design features triple barsornament connecting the seat apron to leg stretcher. Many other pieces of the same style has the same ornament.

Early 19th century betawi furniture curve style

The curved design emerged in early 19th century features curve legs and cuffed feet similar to European classic furniture cabriole legs. The backrest of chair employ curved out bars in vertical direction.

The pieces

Barrel teak  bench rattan seat

Barrel bench

Size : width 120 cm, depth 59 cm, height 80 cm

Betawi original bench handcrafted of teak solid wood, curved out wooden bars backrest, traditional hole-ti-hole strand caning seat.

The bench stand ond the floor with cabriole front legs and curved out back legs.

Barrel chair betawi made of teak wood.

Tub chair

Size : width 65 cm, depth 55 cm, height 80 cm

Batavian terrace chair wooden seat. An Indonesian original tub chair develoved in early 19th. The chair features curved out vertical slats back and arms. The piece handcrafted of teak wood, cabriole legs, in halfround back to sides.

Betawi kurung chair

Basket chair

Size : width 85 cm, depth 55 cm, height 75 cm

The basket chair emerged in late 19th century, it features excessive slats similar to barrel chair. The backrest and sides splayed out and straight down to the floor.

The cantique tub chair features curved-in legs scrolling and rounded feet. Half circular seat and backrest handcrafted of teak solid wood.

Cantique tub chair

Size : width 75 cm, depth 57 cm, height 80 cm

The cantique chair complement the Betawi furniture with unique design. The chair assembled of three curved-in stiles connected with curved-out rails to form three legs half round shape chairs.

The most notable of the design is the use of thick and large frames mixed with thin wooden slats on the backres and sides.

All three legs curved outward and scrolling on the floor.

Betawi banteng chair made of teak wood

Banteng arm chair

Size : width 61 cm, depth 54 cm, height 85 cm

The original design of the betawi chair features halfround top rails slanted down to the top of front stiles and scrolling down at the end. The front legs designed into arrow shape decorated with horizontal grooves under the seat rails.

The chair legs using U shape stretchers and three vertical bars ornament.

Betawi new chair rattan seat

New banteng armchair

Size : width 62 cm, depth 65 cm, height 90 cm

The chair handcrafted out of teak solid wood similar to the banteng arm chair. The top rail is larger and slightly curved down to the front stiles. Rattan wicker backrest and seat supported by plain tapered front legs and splayed back legs.

Betawi new banteng chair teak wood

New banteng chair

Size : width 59 cm, depth 59 cm, height 80 cm

The new banteng chair features a simpler design than the original banteng chair. The chair employ straight plain bars on the backres and sides.

Uphopstered seat inside plain rails supported by four tapered legs and arroow feet.

Barrel chair made of teak frame rattan seat

Barrel chair

Size : width 59 cm, depth 59 cm, height 80 cm

Betawi original barrel chair design features cabriole front legs and cuffed foot. Half circle top rails connected to the seat rails with curved-out wood slats.

The chair seat employ rattan wicker fitted to the seat rails with hole-to-hole strand caning.

Teak round table batavia

Betawi round table

Size : width 50 cm, depth 50 cm, height 50 cm

The betawi round table to complement barrel chair on the terrace. The top table fixed to round apron that connecting four cabroole legs. Four legs connected with ann X stretcher at the bottom.

Betawi console table 3 drawers made of teak wood

Console table 3 drawers

Size : width 120 cm, depth 40 cm, height 75 cm

Cabriole legs Betawi console table handcrafted of teak solid wood. The table feature 3 small drawes on the front apron.

Teak furniture betawi console table 2 drawers

Console table 2 drawers

Size : width 70 cm, depth 35 cm, height 80 cm

The Betawi ethnic console table features 2 drawers on the front apron. All four leg come in same shape, curved out knee and cuffed feet. An extra shelf of solidn wood board connected the legs on the top of the feet.

Betawi ethnic dining chair made of teak.

Banteng chair

Size : width 50 cm, depth 49 cm, height 96 cm

Jakarta ethnic original chair, curved top frame slats backrest, wooden seat. Made of teak wood, stretcher front legs, and front to back legs. curved outward back legs and back rest to ensure the comfort. CUSHION NOT INCLUDED.

Mission style round table used by Indonesian Betawi ethnic to furnish the terrace.

Terrace tab;e

Size : width 61 cm, depth 61 cm, height 60 cm

Batavia original terrace table handcrafted of teak solid wood. Plain top leaf profile edge decoration, on top of open shelf wooden slats sides. Four tapered legs ended with arrow feet on the floor

Teak round table Batavia.

Betawi round table

Size : width 61 cm, depth 61 cm, height 60 cm

60 cm height teak round table, Batavia style. Round leaf top, double apron, 4 arrow shapes legs.

Teak accent table Batavia

Batavia accent table

Size : width 38 cm, depth 38 cm height 78 cm

Indonesian ethnic classic furniture, the accent table 1 drawers with a shelf bottom. Handmade of teak solid wood, cabriole legs, wooden knob drawer pull.

A classic ethnic mirror using doors handcrafted of teak solid wood.

Batavian mirror

Size : width 80 cm, depth 3 cm, height 90 cm