Real wood furniture

All of the wood furniture products you will see here are handcrafted out of sustainable timber and reclaimed wood. They are real wood furniture, some of them were made of sustainable harvested timber from state-owned plantation and several custom furniture pieces handcrafted of reclaimed wood from neglected old buildings.

Teak wood stacking chair
Teak furniture

We use plantation harvested teak timber to build any of our teak furniture products. PERHUTANI, Indonesian state forestry public company is strictly control the planting and harvesting cycle of the teak wood. The size and age of harvested timber is limited...

Mahogany wood fiddle back chair
Mahogany furniture

At the present Indonesia is one of the largest asian plantation that supply genuine mahogany wood. We selected the best mahogany wood for our furniture, kiln dried and weathered properly to ensure you receive a durable wood furniture that will last for long time.

Reclaimed teak dressers
Reclaimed wood

Many of the custom furniture we created for our clients were handcrafted of reclaimed wood from Javanese traditional houses that has stood for more than two decades. Many of these houses built when large size wood were abundant in the forest and climate is good for timber growth.

Custom furniture

We can custom made wood furniture for those of you who want a furniture made according to photos you found elsewhere. We are also capable of working on your furnishing projects by handcrafting wood furniture according to sketches or drawing, packing properly, and arrange the shipping to your address

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Recent custom made furniture

Following are photos of the customer designs furniture we have ever made. Some of them are made according to sketches/shop drawing by the customer, others are made according to existing designs with some modifications to fit customer requirements.

Sturdy solid wood tables leather inlay

Leather inlay table

Teak / Antique brown

A project of custom making a center table and a pair of side tables requested by an online shop. Our builder handcrafted the tables using low grade teak solid wood.

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Indonesia furniture

Extensive collection of Indonesia furniture in wholesale price

In addition to our custom furniture manufacturing, we built co-manufacturing program with some of the Indonesia furniture craftsmen in Central Java. This is allow us to provide you with an extensive collection of wood furniture made in Indonesia.

Request for quotation screenshot

Request for quotation

For your convenience in obtaining the wholesale price of our wood furniture products, we provide an online quotation request system. Similar to an online "shopping cart", we invite you to browse our furniture to choose any wood furniture pieces that you would like us to quote you.

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